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Typically, a yacht measures at least 10 metres (30 ft.) in length, whereas a superyacht measures 30 to 50 metres (100 to 165 ft.) in length. Superyachts are production boats that are sold with a select list of options, and models are usually updated regularly. A superyacht becomes a megayacht when its length reaches or exceeds 60 metres (200 ft.). A megayacht requires more than 40,000 man hours to build and it will often take 3 to 5 years before it meets the waves. Megayachts are some of the more advanced and efficient vessels on the water. They can welcome 10 to 17 passengers with some 20 crew members to service and maintain the vessel. Up to 80 metres, prices range from $40M to $150M. Annual maintenance is calculated in the tens of millions of dollars. Fewer than 30 megayachts are built annually. When a megayacht reaches or exceeds 90 metres (300 ft.) in length, it is referred to as a gigayacht. 18 to 40 passengers in the gigayacht class, and the crew-to-passenger ratio ranges from 1.5 to 2.2 or higher. Gigayacht prices start at $100M and can exceeed $1B. Fewer than 15 gigayachts are launched annually by some 20 European builders, and fewer than 100 of them are operating worldwide.

Rich Champagne Yacht services are reserved for mega/gigayacht clients only.

Our services

Building a mega/gigayacht is a time-consuming and demanding endeavor that requires extensive expertise. A unique project execution team ensures the realization of your vision. Our advisory services contract is the foundation of a new build project. It is crucial for the success of all other stages of the process and it guarantees that the project will be delivered on time and on budget. Design, space, performance, sailing and regulatory requirements - we cover it all. We assist you in making the choices and the decisions that will have you revelling in your investment for many years.

More than a blueprint

During initial consultations, we bring your vision to light. We engage world-class designers, naval architects, brokers, managers, and legal experts to give your dream its shape and personality. The RCY team produces a General Arrangement (GA) and a layout plan to define the number of staterooms, crew quarters and the myriad of onboard amenities (gym, pool, cinema, wine cellar, lounging areas) etc. Once the GA is finalized, the project team analyzes design, budget, delivery time and quality control requirements to identify the shipyard where it will recommend the vessel be built.

Contracting, build management, commissioning, delivery

Negotiating and closing contracts are complicated and demanding tasks. Your project team manages this process under the guidance of a specialized marine legal advisor to ensure that value is retained without compromising on price, quality, and expected delivery date. Once the build is ready to begin, the project team protects your investment by overseeing every step. An experienced team member is on-site, on the ground, to make sure that everything comes together in accordance with your wishes. As your vessel nears completion, your project team and the shipyard proceed to a technical launch and to the finalization of interior appointments. Specialized surveyors makes sure that the blueprint matches the fine print, and that what is put to water matches what you have been impatiently waiting for. Checked, double-checked, buffed, fluffed, tweaked and tuned. Delivery day and christening ceremonies are occasions like no other.

Warranty and services after delivery

A comprehensive warranty, managed by your project team, ensures that any adjustments that are necessary upon delivery and/or during the vessel's first use, are made promptly and efficiently. Thereafter, your team assists you in selecting a third party firm to manage your vessel and its staff.

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If you are ready to experience excellence in the design and the construction of your mega/gigayacht, look no further than RCY. We pride ourselves in providing you with the best in personalized services and we will exceed your expectations. Take the first step by filling out our contact page. We can’t wait to serve you.

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The market for yachts over 100 metres (300 ft.) in length is shifting from individual ownership to flexible usership. We help organizations to promote projects related to luxury maritime venues and financial models such as fractional ownership, chartering enterprises, crowd financing, private equity, and venture capital groups in hospitality and related sectors. Our experience in the yachting and maritime industry, leveraged by an extensive track record in large projects, is second to none. Get in touch with us.

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