Mega/gigayachts are luxuries, even for the wealthiest in the UHNW (Ultra High Net Worth) community. These opulent vessels come with a host of multi-million-dollar luxury options. Below are some examples of the equipment that is commonly found on, or is associated with, megayachts.


Mega/gigayachts often feature one or two helipads. Many owners prefer to have their own helicopters for convenience and security. Three chopper models stand out as the preferred choices for mega/gigayacht owners:

Airbus ACH160: This model boasts a luxurious and spacious cabin, advanced avionics, and a range of safety features. Notably, it includes a crash-resistant fuel system and redundant flight controls. The ACH160 is renowned for its low vibration levels, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride.

Bell 525 Relentless: Equipped with an advanced fly-by-wire flight control system, the 525 prioritizes safety and precision during flight. Its spacious cabin, long-range capabilities, and customizable design make it an excellent fit.

Sikorsky S-76: Production of the S-76 ceased in 2022, but it remains a popular choice in the used market for corporate and VIP transport. Known for its reliability and performance, the Sikorsky can be equipped with a float option in case of emergencies at sea. (Prices for a helicopter typically range from $15 to $18 million when purchased as new builds).

Limousine tender

Tenders for mega/gigayachts serve as essential companions that provide comfort, speed, and security. These vessels have interior seating for 10 to 20

passengers and they come in various lengths, ranging from 10 metres (30 ft.) to more than 15 metres (50 ft.). Prices are in the $1M range. Some of the better manufacturers include:

  • Hodgdon Limousine
  • Black Shiver
  • Falcon Tender KD
  • Compass Limousine
  • Onda Limo X Tender


The ultimate aquatic toy for the mega/gigayacht owner who craves undersea exploration. Some models can accommodate up to 9 adults and they can dive to depths ranging from 90 to 1,800 metres (300 to 6,000 ft.) for more than an hour. Prices start at $1.5 M and can exceed $12 M. Special cranes and significant onboard space are required to tend to a submarine. Notable manufacturers include:

  • Triton
  • U-Boat Works
  • SEAmagine Aurora
  • GSE Triest

Shadow boat

Shadow boats serve as essential companions to mega/gigayachts. They provide logistical support to enhance the yachting experience. Their robust construction allows them to carry fuel and water, making them ideal for extended voyages. Key features of shadow boats include:

  • A deep-sea diving center (equipped with a hyperbaric chamber)
  • A fishing boat
  • A helicopter garage
  • Storage (for cars, SUVs, bikes, and toys)
  • Hospital facilities (for passengers and crew)

Leading manufacturers of shadow boats include Damen, Incat Crowther, Ulstein, and Pendennis. The vessels vary in length, from 40 to 65 metres (130 to 250 ft.). Prices range from $50M to more than $100M. An important role of a shadow boat is to reduce the number of crew numbers on the mother yacht. This enhances privacy and enables efficient crew management.

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