As an ardent believer in the potential of hydrogen, RCY advocates for its adoption as the most efficient solution to drive the energy transition in yachting. Hydrogen hubs are proliferating in Europe for example, but in areas where fossil fuels are less expensive, such facilities are rare. While it makes financial sense for yacht designers and shipyards to choose incremental improvements (better engines, variable speed generators, heat recovery systems, SRC systems, battery-assisted devices, etc.) over radical changes, the transition window is closing quickly. The time for hydrogen is now!

Solar panels on the hull and on the superstructure of a superyacht, backed by a battery pack, provide the electricity necessary for the electrolyser.

One major concern remains: the safe storage of hydrogen onboard.

With our unique experience in industrial hydrogen technologies worldwide, we invite the superyacht industry to embrace the transition to hydrogen with a fresh look at hydrogen storage onboard. Contact us to explore this journey to sustainability.

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