Rich Champagne Yachts (RCY) was born out of a desire to serve Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals in countries like Canada and Mexico, who seek to acquire a mega/gigayacht. Until now, options were often limited and the buyer had to rely on large international brokerage firms (often based in the UK with satellite operations in the USA). RCY possesses an understanding of the design, the financial, and the operational expectations of the North American client.

In addition, the unique experience in hydrogen technologies posssessed by the founder of RCY, especially in storage technologies, is made available to the superyacht industry as it pursues its ambitious journey to a carbon-free industry by 2050.

Ahead of the curve

Technologies are evolving at breakneck speed. RCY is informed and ahead of the curve when it comes to new materials, computer systems, propulsion advances, multimedia and more. A mega/gigayacht build involves much more than swatches and catalogues.

An agile and proactive culture

RCY services are based on an agile and proactive culture. We understand that yachting in this day and age demands adaptability and progressive thinking. RCY ensures that you receive timely and relevant advice throughout your mega/gigayacht build adventure.

Critical considerations

Operating a mega/gigayacht is akin to operating an airliner. The myriad complexities, on and off the ground, require expert attention. Richard Champagne brings decades of yachting, engineering, and team-building experience to the task, in a single shop.

Excellence in service

RCY strives for excellence at every step. Our commitment to service extends beyond transactions. It’s about building a lasting relationship with you.


Trust is paramount. RCY operates with transparency, honesty, and integrity. A well-informed client is a secure and satisfied client.


We treat our clients, our partners, and our colleagues with respect. This fosters strong connections and success for all.

Trust RCY to provide you with a seamless and unforgettable experience in the mega/gigayacht industry.

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